From quantum field theory to classical mechanics

In the amazing book by Schwichtenberg (which is the reason why we all are here), the author mentions that it is possible to teach oneself physics by following this approach: From QFT to classical mechanics. He even mentions that if he could do it all over, he would take this approach from the beginning.

I just want to ask if this is really possible. Is there any route one can follow in order to teach oneself physics starting from QFT, as the author claims?

I cannot see a clear route, that is why I’m asking you for advice. For instance, the book by Klauber which the author recommends assumes knowledge of quantum mechanics I guess. And, in order tu study quantum mechanics knowledge of concepts such as energy, momentum, and angular momentum must be assumed! As far as I can see, there seems no other route to teach oneself physics but to do it the way it’s been done: From classical mechanics to QFT.

Sure one can start by reading Schwichtenberg’s other books, like starting from No-nonsense Quantum mechanics, but again, there is the presence of concepts such as the Hamiltonian and Lagrangian, which are better understood in the context of classical mechanics.

Moreover, I think the mathematical baggage needed to start learning QFT as the beginning of the tour is heavier than that of classical mechanics. So one needs mathematics books for physicists as a recommendation too. That is, in order to teach oneself physics, one needs to teach oneself mathematics first.

Perhaps I am not seeing the big picture here, and I will be so thankful if anyone can help.